Thursday, 31 July 2014

B!ASTA - Lelukta - exile - Dura - Genesis Creations - Crystal Line


Hair: Ripley/ Praline - Lelutka
Skin: Rowen/ Medium - Genesis Creations (LB)
Outfit & Accessories
Dress: Save My Soul/ Pink - B!ASTA (New Release)
Earrings: Vine - Crystal Line
Pose - Ricielli
Hair: Sienna/ Praline - Lelutka (Group Gift in Store)
Outfit & Accessories
Dress: Surf The Heatware - B!ASTA (50L until 6th August)
Pose - Label Motion

Hair: Perfect Promise/ Light Browns - exile
Outfit & Accessories
Top & Pants: The Fragrance of Summer*/ Cherry - B!ASTA (New Release)
*available in 7 different colors
Pose - Label Motion

Hair: Boys&Girls*52/ Mocha - Dura (New Release)
Outfit & Accessories
Top & Skirt: My Hiney/ BOS edition - B!ASTA (Free gift for the Battle of the  Sexes Hunt/ Woman Path)
Earrings: Earrings Triangular Blondie - Emery (0L)
Also wearing...
Shape - My own
Eyeliner - League
Eyelashes - DeeTaleZ
Eyes - I.D.
Hands - The Shops
Feet (high) - Slink
Shoes: Miss LT, Elysium & Reign

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lelutka - genesis Creations - Essenz -[M]eilio - Ricielli


Skin: Pria Peach/ Summer Exclusive - Genesis Creations (Gift for SLF&O Group in Store)
Hair: Sienna/ Glucose - Lelutka (New Group Gift in Store)
Outfit & Accessories
Dress: Nora - [M]eilio
Shoes: Detroit/ Brown - Essenz (Gift at The Ahoha Fair*)
Bag: Yuse/ BrownMix - Ricielli
Sunglasses: Holly Mesh Block Shore Sunglasses - Hollyhood (Gift at The Ahoha Fair)
* Gifts at The Aloha Fair from 0 to 10L...

The Aloha fair: Beautiful Dirty Rich & D-Style

Outfit & Accessories
Flower: Hibiscus Hair Accessory - D-Style (Gift at TAF)
Bikini: Beach Day Aloha Version - Beautiful Dirty Rich (Gift at TFA)

Monday, 28 July 2014


Outfit & Accessories
Hat, Necklace, Bracelet & Dress: August Gift* - FINESMITH (GG in Store)
*Include shoes and nails appliers for Slink feet & hands.

CaTwA - ::SMC:: - Reign

Hair: Forehead Braid - CaTwA (Group Gift)
Outfit & Accessories
Romper: Romper/PNK - ::SMC:: (New LB)
Necklace: Hello Hipster Necklace - Reign (Group Gift in Notices - Joining free until the end of the day)
Swimming ring: Swimming Ring2/ PNK - ::SMC:: (LB)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hair Fair'14: Bandana Day

Today is Hair Fair'14 last day, and as many of you already know,  Bandana Day. Remove your hair and wear one of the bandanas sold at this event to show you care for those who have lost their hair due to medical circumstances... Don't worry, you have the whole day to buy one, if you haven't done it yet, and do some last minute shopping...