Friday, 11 July 2014

Hair Fair 2014

Hair fair 2014 starts tomorrow!!!…
This charity based event that collect donations for Wigs For Kids starts on Saturday July 12th and runs until July 27Th, the Bandana Day, as well as the closing day. Once the four Sims open to the public I’ll post all the information necessary, including the SLURS, in the page I made exclusively for this event in my blog. If you want information in-world you can always subscribe to the Hair Fair Subscribe Machine and get all the information you need. As most of you may know, this kind of events can be quite laggy so join the Hair Fair Demo group (Free to join) and you can try them comfortably at home. Demos will be sent out the day before to the opening. In other words, they will send out today.  Remove all your attachments. Moreover, take off everything and wear a Full Body Alpha…Some stores have been sent it to their group members, otherwise, you can find some free version in the marketplace. And the most important, don’t forget to use your bandana on Bandana Day. Remove your hair to show you care for those who have lost their hair due to medical circumstances.  

 See you all tomorrow!!

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