Saturday, 27 September 2008

Rahz: Lylaa & Coly

Dos magníficos regalos de grupo de Rahz!!!

Vestido/ Dress: Lylaa - Rahz (Regalo de grupo/ Group Gift, Rahz Store)

Abrigo & pantalones/ Coat & Pants: Coly - Rahz (Regalo de grupo/ Group Gift, Rahz Store)

Gracias RahzinhaA!!


In Shan Eyes said...

Hey hey !

I often ask you questions...
So sorry to disturb you again !

I just have a question
Inspired by you I've done a Blog on cheap fashion...
But my photos look really bad in Blogspot but not yours do you know why ?

Thanks for all

Shandramoukya Dryke

Julieta Peccable said...

Hi Shandramouka, did you change your settings in preference? That makes a big diference...but sometimes I have to edit a little the photos (I use Photoshop).

Mrs Loire said...

lenceria 1L$ :)

Julieta Peccable said...

Gracias por el dato!!!