Friday, 30 December 2011

The London Look - R.icielli - *CentoPalline*

Necklace/collar: Cuff - The London Look
Earrings/pendientes: Life - The London look
Top: La Diva II  rose - R.icielli

Necklace/collar: Death - The London Look
Earrings/pendientes: Gauge - The London Look
Nails/uñas: Manicure - The London Look (color scripted)
Top: La Diva III gray - R.icielli

Earrings/pendientes: Moonlight - *CentoPallini* (Group Gift in Store)
Ring/anillo: Moonlight - *CentoPallini* (Group Gift in Store)
Top: Monserrat gold - R.icielli

Skin/piel - Dutch Touch
Eyelashes/pestañas: Dutch Touch
Shape - R.icielli
Hair/pelo: LoQ

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