Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Entice recently anniversary: Photo contest

As many of you know, Entice have recently celebrated its anniversary  and gave to its bloggers 7 gift cards to share out to their readers (Thank you so much!!). Because I have a limited number of gift cards and above all, because I love photography and fashion, I organized a little photo contest...starting on May 27th and lasting until June 9th. I 'll select seven winners, and their names and photos will be published in this blog...

How to enter...
1. Submit a picture featuring an outfit from Entice.
2. Name your picture "Entice photography contest - your name here".
3. Send it geraldina.broono@gmail.com

1. First price: 250L gift card.
2. Second price: 250L gift card.
3. Third price: 100L gift card.
4. Fourth price: 100L gift card.
5. Fifth price: 100L gift card.
6. Sixth price: 100L gift card.
7. Seventh price: 100L gift card.

Thanks for participating!!...I can't wait to see your photos...

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